Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Want to know all that I am learning at CC?

Today in music we counted 4 beats in a measure.

In geography, we reviewed the 7 continents and then 5 cities in the Byzantine Empire.

During presentations, I helped Jackson remember 3 things to share about his venus fly trap.

In Latin, we covered 5th declension noun endings and counted our cubes in math.

It was all going so well and I thought I had the numbers down.

As our time ended, I gathered our things to leave. I felt much more together than last week. Much more calm. Not as scattered.

We were almost out to the car when I hear someone shouting, "Kelli! Kelli!"

I look over and see one of the other mothers...with Bennett in tow.

Yep! I had forgotten to count my own chicks and had left one behind! I had really forgotten him!

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later and am so thankful it happened in a place I know he was being looked after!



That's right, Kelli. 1-2-3-FOUR children!!!


Home Manager

Yeah! FOUR children!!! (Glad you didn't leave Bennett!)

Steph said...


Made To Organize said...

lol!! I think most parents have a story or two of leaving a child somewhere, or losing one while out and about. :) Too funny!

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