Tuesday, September 15, 2009

37 Weeks

Yea! I've made it to 37 weeks!! My home visit appointment went great. My midwife brought the birth pool and checked the items in my birth kit. Her assistant came as well and they went over a few last questions with me.

"Who did I want at the birth?"
"Is there anything I do or don't like while laboring?"
"What was my favorite birthing position?"
"Who did I want to catch the baby? myself, Simon, etc.?"

I posted emergency info on the fridge along with a list of contacts to be called.
I photocopied my medical chart and will send it to my ob who will have it so he is up to date with my latest info should a transport be necessary.

Now, the wait begins....

To be honest, don't expect any big announcements until 41 weeks. I'm sure not holding my breath! :)


Danielle said...

YEAHHH I love it-you look so cute!!! I'm cheering you on girlfriend.

Made To Organize said...

You look Amazing. Can't wait to make my 'producer' debut for you labor and delivery. Praying for a relaxing and restful final weeks.

Kasia said...

MAN! I am TOTALLY MISSING OUT! I make a mean Birth Breakfast!

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