Friday, August 14, 2009

In His time

One thing I've enjoyed about this pregnancy as opposed to being pregnant before is that the kids are much more aware of my expanding belly and frequently ask, "When is the baby gonna be born?"

Yesterday they were insistant on knowing how many days and the vagueness of "in October" no longer satisfied them. Oddly enough (in His timing), we're learning the book of Ecclesiates in our morning devotions so it gave me the perfect segway to talk about God's timing versus our own.
I love when the Lord does that!
Ecclesiates 3:11 reminds us, He has made everything beautiful in its time.
We then made a paper chain with 52 links (the amount of days that the world considers to be my due date).
When we had them linked together we talked about what it means if Whitaker comes before the chains are removed, or in a more likely scenario, what happens when we've removed all the paper chains and he has still not arrived.
Talking about this with the kids has only reinforced the beauty of God's timing in everything. I needed that reminder, just not in my pregnancy but in every day things I question the Lord about.
Sweet words, indeed!
So, sorry to say, no inductions here my friends!


Sara said...

What a great object lesson. You are so smart. One smart mama.

Just His Best said...

no, not me. God is so sweet to time things that way!!

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