Saturday, July 11, 2009

Northern Ireland - Part 3

No decisions about the fascinator yet. It seems like one of Simon's cousins is wearing one of the fascinators I picked out, so that one is out. Now I'm considering a hat, although time is running out!

We had the wedding rehearsal today and I cried for most of it. I had no idea that I'd feel emotional, but being back in the church we were married in and hearing the same vows with the same minister meant so much. I kept thinking of how nine years ago I knew I was excited to get married, but I had no idea of what marriage would really look like and how blessed we have been indeed. Part of the ceremony is even asking God to bless the couple with children if it is His will. As I sat with Jackson, Haviland, Bennett and Baby No-Name Graham it all just hit me and I was so humbled to think of what a gift Simon and my children are to me.

This afternoon we went into Belfast to meet Steinar's family from Norway that had flown in. About 40 of them came over for the wedding and we enjoyed meeting them all even if only 5 of them speak English. They are very kind though and I think we will all have a great time together at the wedding regardless of any language barrier.

Catherine has been as cool as a cucumber and not a typical stressed out bride. It's so great to see her smiling and enjoying everyone and letting the little details take care of themselves.

Now we're just praying that the forecasted rain holds off until after the wedding. Actually, it's not the rain that's so bad. It's the combination of wind and the rain that cuts through you that makes you feel so miserable. We were caught in it today as we were leaving dinner walking back to the car. Yuck!

That's all for today!

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Al Jackson said...

Well, we'll try this again. I say GO 4 it! Remember the hat extravaganza for your wedding? And look how unusal we all thought bnit was and yet it turned out that everyone looked so great. Don't be a chicken, Be an example to Haviland! (BTW Renee Paris' husband Peter died today, only 34)Keep her in your prayers. ALl is fine at your place. Loads of love and can't wait to see a pic of your facinator! Dad

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