Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a weekend...

Just thought I'd update everyone that I did have a really good weekend and enjoyed myself as much as I could feeling so nauseous. At my first stop I didn't stay long at my brother's house, but it was a good visit. My new nephew is just perfect and so beautiful. My sister-in-law entertained us all with her birth story. She had her two previous children in a birth center and this was their first homebirth. I truly hope she writes it down and decides to share it. It was great!!

Since Mom had been staying with them for the week I picked her up and both of us went on to my sister's house in AL. We missed the Friday night workshop due to thunderstorms and tornado warnings but made it there bright and early on Saturday. The workshop we went to was the first time my sister and I have done ANYTHING together since about 1982. We've always had opposite interests and I was so glad she was game to come and learn something new with me. Lots of good stuff was learned, and Shonda Parker is amazing. She's a mom of seven, as humble as can be and shared so many great personal stories. Even though I knew fairly sure ahead of time that she was above board, it was a relief to hear about her stance on herbs and where they fit into the spectrum of health care. I wish everyone could hear her!

Sunday morning I received some very sad news indeed. A friend of mine from college called to tell me that her parents had been killed in a car accident on Friday night. Even as I type it, it's hard for me to believe. My friend Laura and her parents were some of the very first people I met at college in 1992. I remember leaving my dorm to go over to freshman orientation, and not knowing where to go or what to do I saw Laura and her parents and they immediately took me under their wings that day and from that day forward I was always so welcomed by them when I would pass through their hometown in Atlanta. In 1997, when I was in flight attendant training for six weeks in Atlanta they often invited me "home" for dinner and in 2000 Laura and her mother flew to Northern Ireland to come to my wedding. They are in the picture that I posted a few weeks ago - Laura's mom is just to the back right of center of the picture in a maroon sweater and Laura is standing in front of her in a white sweater.

I am just so sad for Laura and last night cried as I prayed for her. If you know Laura, she is honestly one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. You never see her without a smile and she is always looking for a way to help. Her parents were the same way. I am so glad that I live close enough that Simon and I can attend their memorial service this weekend. I cannot wait to give that girl a hug. I love you Laura!


Anonymous said...

It's stories like the MC one that I had forgotten until you mentioned it. Now I remember it like it was yesterday! We're having someone video everything for us and I hope that you'll share the MC story with the camera.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. Love you too!

tammy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Laura's parents. I don't remember ever meeting her dad but I remember her mom from the wedding and she was a very sweet lady. Laura, if you read this, I'll be praying for you. I am so sorry for your loss

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