Saturday, December 27, 2008

The pain in beauty

After all of those birth photos, I felt the need to post a few pictures of myself cleaned up a bit. Simon and I went to a Christmas party last night and I really enjoyed dressing up. I won't lie though - I was pretty uncomfortable all night. I wore a body shaper (do they still call them girdles?) that smoothed all of my lumps but by night's end I thought I was going to burst out of it. Wearing heels were nothing! This thing...torture! Girls, is it supposed to be that uncomfortable??


cookiladyatl said...

Go and check out something called Spanx. They have a website and are GREAT! They suck it all in and are not uncomfortable like what I imagine you wore.

Kasia said...

You look LOVELY! What a handsome couple! (I am sure you didn't need that thing :)

Danielle said...

Muffin top or not-that dress would of done you justice without the fancy pants.

Sara said...

I have my own Spanx opinion. I got some before Eden was born to suck myself in post-partum. They were just as uncomfortable as it sounds like you were. I could hardly get into them, wore them once and then sold them.

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