Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blog Highlight

I've never highlighted anyone's blog in particular but I just found out a mom friend of mine has her own blog and I just had to send everyone her way.

This isn't a new blog, but I just found out about it and am delighted I have. You see, it never dawned on me to ask a mother of 6 children (2 sets of identical twins)- ages 5, 4, 2, 2, 4 months and 4 months - if she blogged. I guess I assumed she didn't. Good grief, I have half the number of children she does and hardly have time for it myself.

She amazes me in more ways than motherhood though. She is also a doula and has supported many women through their births and if there's one thing that facinates me, its birth. She herself has experienced every type of birth possible with her four children - hospital, c-section, hbac (homebirth after c-section) and her latest delivery was quite a story as well.

Oh and did I mention that her husband is leaving in January for Iraq and they have no family locally?

Anyway, hope you enjoy a peek into her life. If you're thinking about her, lift her up in prayer. I know she'd appreciate it. :)

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