Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decorate the Pumpkin

Last week, Jackson was excited to see the newspaper's pumpkin contest and got to work immediately on his entry. Being the diligent, concentrated worker that he is, I was surprised when he handed it back to me in 10 seconds flat.

"Don't you want to color him more, Jackson?"

"Nope. He'll win the contest."

I do love his confidence, but when the winners were announced in today's paper he hadn't won.

He was actually pretty crushed and started to cry when he saw that he hadn't come in first, second, or even third place.

I didn't have any great words of wisdom or any moral story to share in the moment. I do love to use life's ups and downs to encourage and correct the kids, but in the moment, I had nothing, nada. And I'm kinda glad.

I hugged him and just let him be sad.

Then we sat and giggled as we admired some of the other creative entries and he ran off to bed.

To be honest, I do not think his was the best. Of course, it's my favorite, but it was not the best. I am glad I didn't defend his over others, and puff him up by putting down everyone else's. It was what it was.

Want to giggle with us?

2008 Carve the Pumpkin Contest


Ali said...

I thought you were gonna blog...I mean, Jackson's pumpkin is cute...but I just don't know what's going on with the Graham Fam!

Kelli said...

I'll get to it sooner or later...:)

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