Friday, August 8, 2008

Goody, Goody- A Giveaway!

Being new to the homeschooling scene, I was excited to learn about the magazine, The Old Schoolhouse. Not that I need another magazine to read, except... maybe I do.

What you won't find in this magazine- like so many in the grocery checkout lines- is the latest gossip, fashions, or glamour shots. What you will find is so much richer!

These are just a few topics in the Summer '08 issue:

*Teaching your children to love reading

*Ten reasons to homeschool a Special Needs Child

*A Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Whether you're a veteran homeschooler, a new homeschooling mom, or just "kicking the tires" to test out the idea of homeschooling, check out the magazine and see what you think!

Now for the details-

The Old Schoolhouse has allowed me to give away a one-year digital subscription to the magazine by posting a contest on my blog. So, here goes...

To enter, answer the question below using the 'comments' feature OR you can send your answer to You may answer the question once. All those that respond to the question, will be entered into a random drawing to win the one-year digital subscription. Contest ends at noon on Tuesday, August 12. Results will be posted at 2pm on Tuesday, August 12.

Feel free to post this contest on your blog by linking them to me as well.

That's it! I'm excited! There are no wrong answers!!

I would like to win a gift subscription to The Old Schoolhouse because...

a) I am interested in homeschooling and would like to read more about it
b) I already homeschool and would love the support
c) I have a family member or friend that would love this as a gift
d) I'm not sure, I just love contests!

Now, just answer in the comments section OR email me your answer to Get to it!

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