Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Day at "The Cup"

This past Saturday was Family Day at Simon's work. Don't you love the building? We had a great time touring the plant- it's actually very interesting to see a Solo Cup being formed.

I, however, left with an entirely new appreciation for Simon's job. It is loud (a houseful of 3 noisy kids doesn't even compare) and is HOT- no air conditioning- just fans that circulate incredibly hot and stuffy air . I have never once heard him complain about this and while he does have air in his office- he's out checking the lines frequently.

It was a great day and when we pulled into the parking lot, Jackson spied all the tents, games and inflatables and said, "Mom, you didn't tell me that there was a party at Dad's work." To which Haviland replied, "Dad's my hero."

Here's to you honey! Thank you for all you do for us.

Like Haviland's 'shiner'? She hit it on our bed. Ouch!!

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