Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebrity Sighting - Part 2

Wow, what a summer for the Grahams. First, for me, a photo op with some of my "heroes" and then Simon gets to meet his favorite musician - Robin Mark. I think for him, this was as about as good as it gets... :) The song you can play is one of his more popular ones. Listen to the end and you'll hear his great accent.

Robin Mark is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Simon is from a town about 20 minutes from there so he was excited when we attended a concert on Saturday night and had the chance to speak with him afterwards.

Now, many of you may think that when I say that Simon is from Northern Ireland, that I'm just saying that he is from the North part of Ireland. Not so. Did you know that Northern Ireland and Ireland are not the same country??? ***Shock and awe from us under-educated Americans*** The Republic of Ireland is its own country and Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. But please, do not call Simon "British". :)

Anyway, right now we're saving up big money to make a trip back to Northern Ireland in July 2009 for his sister's wedding. I've not been in three years so I'm excited. Her wedding will be at the same church that Simon and I were married at. Here are some other views of the village as well.

St. Johns Parish Church, 1723


Sara said...

I need to see some wedding photos now! Do you have a scanner? Post some if you do... Ireland, how lovely. I want to go there some day. *sigh*

The Family Senter said...

I can't believe you were married in ireland (well northern ireland I guess I should say)
how amazing is that
I HAVE GOT to hear this story sometime soon!
so does Simon have a cool accent?
hopefully we can plan a time to get together soon.
life has just been crazy here, as I'm sure it has there!

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