Monday, June 23, 2008

Dinnertime fun

Recently, we've gotten in a dinnertime funk with the kids. I'm not sure if it's because we're tired after a long day of summer activities or what, but I started to realize that while we were all physically at the table- we were doing little to engage one another. Does this sound anything like your family?

Kid #1: Dad, how was your day?
Dad: Good. Busy. How was your day, ________?
Kid #1: Fine.
Dad: What did you do today, ____________?
Kid #2: Play.
Dad: What did you play?
Kid #2: All kinds of things.
Dad: Mom, how was your day?
Mom: Good. Busy.


Stimulating conversation, huh???

Anyway, I found these great questions online and it's brought us back to life. I love what the kids have come up with. So far we've answered about 2-3 questions each night. Sometimes we answer them silly, sometimes serious, but so far we've enjoyed them a lot. I really like the Pragmatic ones since it gives us a way for us to talk about the things we just don't get around to talking about, like phone skills, giving info, manners, and problem solving. It also gives everyone a chance to be part of the conversation. You'd be surprised what a 3 year old will answer to:

You're at home and smell smoke. What do you do?


If... Then... situations
Practicing Pragmatics
Imagination Questions


Elissa said...

Hi Kelli -
Mom gave me your blog address and I have really enjoyed reading it. Hope you all are having a great summer!

Kelli said...

So glad!!! Now, where are your mommy tips??? I know you're hiding some over there... :)

Ali said...

You are such a wealth of useful information...I'm so glad we are friends. Real friends.

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