Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Year Planning [part one] - The Basics

Somehow, I thought time would slow down again, but this month I've been busy cleaning out, rearranging and preparing for another year of homeschooling.

After doing much of last years' school work at the dining room table I was in the mood for a change...yet again.

So about three weeks ago, a great friend stopped by and helped me change the breakfast area into our "Graham Central Station" where most everything will take place.

I decided to use the smaller craft table since I've noticed how "scootchy" the kids can be sometimes at a larger table where they can't put their feet on the floor, but at the same time know that this table doesn't have enough surface area for them to spread out everything they are working on as they like to do. 

Still, it is enough room for all four to eat breakfast and lunch at and that's probably the only time they will be using it all at once.

Here is "My Board". I keep the essentials located here. 

  • I've written the memory work above for the first week, but Jackson and Haviland will be responsible for this every week after.
  • My dry erase board is actually an old mirror. I wasn't using it anymore, so we replaced the mirror with a piece of glass. I put colored cardstock under the glass to separate subjects and - voila!- dry erase board!
  • Our cabinet is a clothes hamper that formally tilted out, but Simon re-purposed it by moving the hinges from the bottom to the sides.
  • My character trait cards came from Sarah's Sweeties.
  • Timeline cards are from Veritas Press.
  • Science Acts and Facts cards from Classical Conversations.
Has anyone else done any reorganizing????

Part Two will focus on organization of our many, many, many books for the school year. :)

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