Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, the fun never stops

As I've sat here the last few days trying to heal my pulled/strained abdominal muscles, exciting things are happening around here.

Jackson lost his first tooth. He looks so much older already!!

Other happenings?

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I told you, pretty exciting.

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Kelli said...

awww....great pics Kell!! What is it that Haviland is sleeping in? LOL! So funny. Glad to see that my kid isn't the only one to lose a tooth this late. Josh still hasn't!! I thought he was the only 6.5 year old out there!! Maybe now it will be soon!! Did he freak out? Did you do the tooth fairy thing??

Sarah Mae said...

Hey won...

Ali said...

What are you feeding Whitaker???

Just His Best said...

Ha! No, but he almost slid out of my arms as I dozed off!

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