Friday, December 4, 2009

We busted out!

Yea! We're home now and doing well. We were released after 11pm last night and were home in bed after midnight.

We all slept well and Whitaker has had a good morning so far. I think just getting away from the hospital in general made Simon and I feel much better.

Thankfully all the cultures and tests came back negative, but this means we do not have a definitive diagnosis. The best guess was that it was a virus of some sort. In my heart of hearts I was so conflicted by the whole process. Of course everyone told us that this was the best thing for Whitaker and that newborns get sick very quickly and that you should take every precaution since they cannot verbalize what is wrong.

I understand that, but I do feel that all common sense gets thrown out the window when you're in a medical environment and when you do ask common sense questions you get the oddest blank stares.

Anyway, we can't thank everyone enough for prayers and for all the offers of help this week.

We're looking forward to getting back into the routine of things. :)

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